What Time Does Hardees Stop Selling Breakfast

What Time Does Hardees Stop Selling Breakfast? Find Out Now!

Hardee’s typically stops serving breakfast at 10:30 AM. Each location may vary slightly, so it’s best to check with your local Hardee’s.

Hardee’s is well-known for its Made From Scratch Biscuits™ and hearty breakfast platters, satisfying early morning cravings across the United States. For those aiming to catch their breakfast menu, timing is crucial. With a reputation for a diverse breakfast selection, ranging from sweet to savory options, the restaurant chain caters to a wide array of tastes.

Early risers flock to Hardee’s to kick-start their day with a fulfilling meal, but it’s essential to note that the transition to the lunch menu begins promptly. To ensure you don’t miss out on their delicious breakfast offerings, plan to arrive before the cutoff time. Remember, a quick phone call to your nearest Hardee’s can confirm the exact time breakfast is served, ensuring your morning meal is just as you planned.

Hardee’s Breakfast Hours

Hardee’s breakfast hours can vary depending on the location. Most Hardee’s restaurants start serving breakfast at 6:00 AM. But some locations may open earlier. The end of breakfast service is typically at 10:30 AM from Monday to Friday. On weekends, breakfast might extend to 11:00 AM.

Different places might have unique schedules. It’s best to check with your local Hardee’s for exact times. This way, you won’t miss out on your favorite breakfast items. You can use Hardee’s store locator online or call ahead to confirm their breakfast hours.

What Time Does Hardees Stop Selling Breakfast? Find Out Now!

The End Of Breakfast Service

Hardee’s breakfast hours usually end at 10:30 AM on weekdays. Saturdays and Sundays often have a later cutoff, typically 11:00 AM. This allows for a leisurely morning on weekends. Restaurants may adjust these times, so checking with your local Hardee’s is wise. The end of breakfast service aligns with the start of the lunch menu. This transition ensures that lunch items are fresh and ready for customers. Understanding these times helps plan your morning meal accordingly.

Factors Affecting Breakfast Hours

Hardee’s breakfast hours can vary by location. Some restaurants may serve breakfast longer than others. This is often due to the regional differences in customer demand and local business patterns.

Weekdays typically have a consistent schedule, with most Hardee’s locations stopping breakfast service around 10:30 AM. Weekends may offer extended breakfast times, as people tend to eat breakfast later. Check your local Hardee’s for exact times.

Day of the Week Breakfast End Time
Monday – Friday 10:30 AM
Saturday – Sunday Varies

Menu Items Exclusive To Breakfast

Hardee’s serves delicious breakfast options that you can enjoy only in the morning. Popular breakfast choices include the Frisco Breakfast Sandwich and Loaded Omelet Biscuit. These items are favorites for their unique taste and fulfilling nature.

Limited-time offers also appear on the breakfast menu. These specials often feature seasonal ingredients and innovative recipes. It’s exciting to try new flavors that may not always be available.

Late Risers’ Dilemma

Hardee’s breakfast hours can be a bane for those who wake up late. The craving for a hearty breakfast might hit after the usual hours. Fret not, as several eateries offer all-day breakfast options. Places like Denny’s, IHOP, and McDonald’s serve breakfast any time of the day. These spots ensure you don’t miss out on your morning favorites. From pancakes to omelets, you can get it all, even in the afternoon. So, sleep in without worry and enjoy your breakfast meal, no matter the hour.

Planning Your Morning Visit

To plan your morning visit to Hardee’s, it’s crucial to check local breakfast hours. Each Hardee’s location may have different times. Breakfast availability can vary, so always confirm first. A great way to do this is by using Hardee’s mobile app or their online tools.

These resources provide up-to-date information on restaurant hours. They make it easy to find out when breakfast ends. You can quickly get the info before heading out. This ensures you don’t miss out on your favorite breakfast items.

Frequent Asked Questions

Hardee’s breakfast hours may change on holidays. It’s best to check their website or call ahead. During big holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving, hours might differ.

Planning to order breakfast for a large group? You should order at least 24 hours in advance. This helps ensure all your food is ready and fresh. Hardee’s can handle big orders, but they need time to prepare.

Tips To Maximize Your Hardee’s Breakfast Experience

Maximize your Hardee’s breakfast experience by arriving early. This ensures you don’t miss out on their delicious breakfast menu. Remember, Hardee’s stops serving breakfast at a specific time. Also, look for special deals that can be combined with breakfast items. Many times, coupons or promotions are available that make your meal more affordable. Keeping an eye on Hardee’s offers could land you a hearty breakfast without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Does Hardee’s Stop Serving Breakfast Near Me?

Hardee’s typically stops serving breakfast at 10:30 AM, but times may vary by location. Check your local Hardee’s for exact hours.

Does Hardee’s Make Biscuits All Day?

Yes, Hardee’s offers their made-from-scratch biscuits throughout the entire day.

Does Hardee’s Still Make Their Biscuits From Scratch?

Yes, Hardee’s continues to make their biscuits from scratch every morning in each of their restaurants.

What’s On The Frisco Breakfast Sandwich At Hardee’s?

The Frisco breakfast sandwich at Hardee’s features a fluffy folded egg, crispy bacon, and Swiss cheese, all served on sourdough toast.


Wrapping up, knowing Hardee’s breakfast hours can help you plan your morning effectively. Remember, they serve breakfast until 10:30 AM every day, so set your alarm! Next time you’re craving a biscuit or burger in the morning, head to Hardee’s before the cutoff to satisfy your appetite.


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