Ruth Chris Happy Hour Price Unveiled: Savor & Save!

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Happy Hour prices range from about $9 to $24. These specials run on select days, usually early in the week.

Enjoying premium dining experiences on a budget has become easier with the Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour menu. Their upscale environment paired with more affordable small plates and drinks attracts both regulars and new patrons looking for value without sacrificing quality.

The elegant chain is known for its sizzling butter-topped steaks and classic American menu but during Happy Hour, guests can indulge in a variety of appetizers, cocktails, and wines at reduced prices. With the promise of the same excellent service and a sophisticated atmosphere, it’s an ideal spot for after-work socializing or a relaxed yet classy pre-dinner treat. This event turns any ordinary evening into a special occasion, with a touch of luxury that doesn’t break the bank.

Ruth’s Chris: A Legacy Of Fine Dining

Ruth’s Chris Steak House began in New Orleans in 1965. This famous steakhouse chain has a rich history. It’s named after Ruth Fertel, its founder. She bought a local restaurant called Chris Steak House. Ruth operated with a commitment to quality and amazing service. This commitment turned her little steakhouse into a luxury dining brand that we know today.

Every dish at Ruth’s Chris is about high-quality ingredients and careful preparation. They pick top-notch beef and ingredients with care. Their steaks are well-known for the sizzling butter on hot plates. This tradition started early to keep the steaks hot. The high standards in preparing food ensure guests enjoy a wonderful dining experience.

Ruth Chris Happy Hour Price Unveiled: Savor & Save!


Happy Hour: An Introduction

Happy Hour specials draw crowds to bars and restaurants, offering discounted drinks and appetizers. These titillating deals spark joy among patrons after a long workday. Eateries like Ruth’s Chris Steak House leverage this tradition to enhance patron experience.

Ruth’s Chris, renowned for its fine dining, merges elegance with savings during Happy Hour. Thrifty gourmets relish this chance to indulge without the hefty price tag. Patrons can savor high-quality steaks, handcrafted cocktails, and exclusive wines at a fraction of the regular cost. This method boosts foot traffic and cultivates a bustling social environment.

Navigating Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour

Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour is a feast for steak lovers. Discounted prices delight guests during select hours. Timing matters to catch those specials. Check your local Ruth’s Chris for exact happy hour schedules. Locations vary in offerings and ambiance.

Steakhouse vibes create a cozy atmosphere. Each spot provides a unique happy hour experience. Elegant, inviting settings pair with tantalizing menus. Relax with friends and enjoy premium eats at lower costs. Remember, ambiance may differ, but quality remains top-notch.

Menu Highlights

Ruth’s Chris offers an alluring Happy Hour menu with tempting options. Signature Cocktails have unique flavors and affordable prices. Enjoy classics like the Pomegranate Martini or indulge with the Raspberry Rosemary Cosmo.

Fans of gourmet flavors can savor Gourmet Bites without breaking the bank. Delicious Seared Ahi Tuna pairs well with a cool drink. Satisfy your appetite with the Prime Burger with Fries. Try the Spicy Lobster for a zesty twist.

Cocktail Price
Pomegranate Martini $9
Raspberry Rosemary Cosmo $9
Gourmet Bite Price
Seared Ahi Tuna $11
Prime Burger with Fries $10
Spicy Lobster $11

Unveiling The Prices

Ruth’s Chris Steak House offers an enticing happy hour menu with both classic favorites and exclusive specials. These deals are available at a fraction of the regular cost, providing excellent value for money. Guests can indulge in signature cocktails, wines by the glass, and mouth-watering appetizers. Prices for these items range from $9 to $13, ensuring an affordable yet luxurious experience.

The Happy Hour Exclusives include a variety of specially priced beverages and bites. Guests will find unique dishes crafted just for happy hour. These offerings are perfect for those seeking to try something new without a high price tag. Every item on this menu promises a gourmet journey that doesn’t break the bank.

Ruth Chris Happy Hour Price Unveiled: Savor & Save!


Savor The Savings

Savoring the savings during Ruth Chris Happy Hour is smart dining. Regular dining prices may pinch your wallet. The Happy Hour menu features discounts that are inviting. A regular filet might cost you a hefty sum. During Happy Hour, the price drops significantly.

Seeking to get the best bang for your buck? Few tips can help you achieve this. Opt for Happy Hour specials over standard menu items. Share appetizers with friends to sample more flavors. Consider pairing a drink special with a reduced-price entrée. Visit often to discover new deals and seasonal offerings.

Menu Item Regular Price Happy Hour Price
Steak Sandwich $18 $12
Seared Ahi Tuna $20 $10
Martinis $15 $8

The Sizzle Experience

The Ruth Chris Happy Hour beckons with enticing deals. Guests enjoy both delectable eats and refreshing sips. Prices during Happy Hour are pocket-friendly, urging diners to indulge. A variety of appetizers, from spicy calamari to crisp salad, starts the feast. They perfectly complement the signature cocktails and select wines.

Each drink is crafted to enhance the food’s flavors. The bartenders mix classics and new creations with skill. Food-lovers revel in steak sliders alongside handcrafted old-fashioneds. Or they may opt for succulent lobster with a chilled chardonnay. This delightful combination pleases both palate and wallet during the special hours.

Happy Hour Hacks

Enjoying Ruth Chris delights during happy hour means finding the perfect time. Aim to visit on weekdays, specifically Monday through Friday. The 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM window often offers the best deals. Discounts on drinks and appetizers make the experience sweeter.

As a token of appreciation, Ruth Chris honors regular visitors through its loyal customer rewards. Members receive exclusive offers and points for every dollar spent. These points can be redeemed for free meals and drink upgrades during happy hour. Signing up is quick, so don’t miss out on these added perks.

Beyond The Bar

Discover the luxury of private dining options beyond the bar. Experience exquisite service in an intimate setting. Perfect for special events, Ruth’s Chris offers a tailored experience for any celebration.

Upcoming promotions promise tantalizing deals during happy hour. Expect specially priced appetizers, handcrafted cocktails, and premium wines to delight your palate. Join the buzz and indulge in high-quality cuisine at a fraction of the cost.

Ruth Chris Happy Hour Price Unveiled: Savor & Save!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Ruth Chris Happy Hour Price

What Is Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour?

Ruth’s Chris Steak House offers a Happy Hour with specially priced drinks and appetizers. Availability and prices may vary by location. Check with your local Ruth’s Chris for exact offerings and pricing.

When Does Happy Hour Take Place At Ruth’s Chris?

Happy Hour times at Ruth’s Chris typically fall on weekdays, usually early evening. Exact times can differ by location, so it’s best to consult your local restaurant for their schedule.

What Specials Are Available During Happy Hour?

Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour includes discounts on select appetizers, cocktails, wines, and beers. The selection may vary, but often features signature dishes and drinks.

Can You Reserve A Table For Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour?

Reservations for Happy Hour at Ruth’s Chris depend on the location. It’s advisable to call ahead to ensure seating availability during Happy Hour times.


As the sun sets, don’t miss the delectable deals at Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour. With their exquisite bites and sips at unbeatable prices, it’s the perfect wind-down ritual. Relish the upscale ambiance without the upscale hit to your wallet. Cheers to elevated evenings that are friendly to your budget—Ruth’s Chris knows how to happy hour right!

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