Merichka’s Poor Boy Sandwich Recipe: The Ultimate Guide to Deliciousness

Merichka’s Poor Boy Sandwich recipe features roast beef enveloped in golden garlic bread. This sandwich hails from Joliet, Illinois, offering a delightful combination of flavors.

Renowned for its simplicity and rich taste, Merichka’s Poor Boy Sandwich is a crowd favorite. Its main ingredients are roast beef and garlic, making it an ideal meal for meat lovers. This iconic sandwich has been served from the 1930s at Merichka’s Restaurant, representing not just a sandwich but a legacy.

The uniqueness about this sandwich lies in its soft embedded roast beef topped with a generous layer of garlic butter. Cooked over low heat until it becomes tender and succulent, the beef retains its juiciness against the crispness of the garlic bread. Easy to prepare, they are perfect for quick lunches, family dinners, or informal gatherings. So, the next time you crave a meaty flavor bomb, look no further than Merichka’s Poor Boy Sandwich – a dish that combines tradition, flavor, and satisfaction.

History Of Merichka’s Poor Boy Sandwich

Merichka’s Poor Boy Sandwich holds a rich history. It first saw light at a restaurant in Crest Hill, Illinois. Named after its founder, the eatery began serving this sandwich in the mid-20th century. This tasty offering quickly caught local attention and soon, its fame spread.

With an original blend of ingredients, this sandwich stood out. Its unique buttery-garlicy flavor, sandwiched between fluffy bread, was hard to resist. The sandwich’s special appeal lay in its thin-cut, tenderized meat dripping with garlic butter.

Over time, the Merichka’s Poor Boy Sandwich recipe evolved. Regular customers were keen on adding variations. Options such as mozzarella cheese and homemade chili became popular. Some started putting fried onions, grilled mushrooms, or even giardiniera on their Poor Boys. These enhancements kept the sandwich’s popularity high.

Today, the poor boy recipe remains a signature dish at Merichka’s. It has inspired many places to present their version of the famous sandwich. The legacy of poor boy sandwich is a testament to its timeless appeal.

Year Milestone
1930s Merichka’s Restaurant established in Crest Hill, Illinois
1950s Poor boy sandwich introduced and quickly gains popularity
1960s – Present Recipe evolves and inspires other version of the sandwich nationwide
Merichka's Poor Boy Sandwich Recipe: The Ultimate Guide to Deliciousness


Essential Ingredients For A Merichka’s Poor Boy

Merichka’s Poor Boy Sandwich starts with the bread. Choose a soft French roll for this sandwich. This roll won’t overpower the other ingredients.

Next is the meat. For a classic Merichka’s Poor Boy, crumbled sausage is ideal. It provides bold, savory flavors.

The gravy is also important. Merichka’s use a homemade garlic gravy.

You won’t want to forget the additional toppings. They include mozzarella cheese and fried onions.

Ingredient Type
Bread Soft French roll
Meat Crumbled sausage
Gravy Homemade garlic
Additional Toppings Mozzarella cheese and fried onions

Step-by-step Preparation Of Merichka’s Poor Boy

Recipe preparation involves a few main steps. Firstly, we focus on the meat preparation.

Use thin pieces of steak. Sprinkle some salt and pepper. Heat some oil in a skillet.

Next, place the steak. Cook until the desired level of doneness. Let it rest for few minutes.

In the meantime, let’s move on to the gravy preparation.

Gravy Ingredients:
Beef Broth All-purpose Flour Butter

Melt some butter in a pan. Stir in flour to make a roux. Add broth gradually. Stir until thickened.

Now, we are ready for the final step; assembling the sandwich.

Sandwich Ingredients:
French Bread Loaf Sliced Steak
Prepared Gravy Garlic Butter (optional)

Take a French bread loaf. Cut it in half, lengthwise. Apply some garlic butter. Lay the slice steak. Pour the gravy top of the steak. Enjoy your Merichka’s Poor Boy!

Merichka's Poor Boy Sandwich Recipe: The Ultimate Guide to Deliciousness


Pro Tips For Perfecting Merichka’s Poor Boy

Quality ingredients are essential for Merichka’s Poor Boy Sandwich. Use fresh, crisp lettuce and top-quality bread. Choose thinly sliced roast beef. Keep these items ready for your recipe.

Breads Meats Vegetables Sauces
Fresh Baguette Thinly sliced roast beef Crisp Lettuce Garlic butter

Cooking techniques also matter a lot. Start by toasting the bread. Cook the beef to your liking. Garlic butter adds a tasty twist. Spread it on both halves of the bread.

Presentation can elevate your sandwich. Place the roast beef evenly on the bread. Top with lettuce. Slice the sandwich diagonally for a classic look. Your Merichka’s Poor Boy Sandwich is ready to enjoy.

Serving And Pairing Options

Merichka’s Poor Boy Sandwich pairs well with various sides and drinks. French fries or coleslaw are ideal side dishes. Adding pickled cucumbers gives a tangy touch.

Pairing the sandwich with sweet potato fries further enhances its taste. A side of garlic mashed potatoes could also be a great option.

Side dishes Recommended Drinks
French fries Lemon Soda
Coleslaw Plain Milk
Pickled cucumbers Fruit Juice
Sweet potato fries Green Tea
Garlic mashed potatoes Coffee

For drinks, lemon soda, plain milk, fruit juice, green tea, and coffee are top choices.

Preserving And Reheating Merichka’s Poor Boy

Preserving and Reheating Merichka’s Poor Boy involves simple techniques. Best methods for keeping are as follows. First, wrap the sandwich properly. You can use aluminum foil. It preserves the taste efficiently.

Store it in an airtight container. This step prevents dryness. Next, place it inside the fridge. A cool environment keeps it fresh longer.

To bring back the fresh taste, reheating is crucial. It’s an easy process! Start with preheating the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Put the sandwich in for about 10 minutes. Make sure it’s evenly heated. Voila! Your sandwich tastes like new again.

PreservingWrap in foil, keep in airtight container, and store in fridge
ReheatingPreheat oven to 350°F and heat sandwich evenly for 10 min
Merichka's Poor Boy Sandwich Recipe: The Ultimate Guide to Deliciousness


Frequently Asked Questions On Merichka’s Poor Boy Sandwich Recipe

What Kind Of Meat Is A Poor Boy?

A poor boy sandwich, typically from Louisiana, is not constrained to a specific type of meat. It often features seafood, beef, or chicken, piled high on fluffy French bread.

Why Is It Called Po-boy?

The term “po-boy” originated during a 1929 streetcar strike in New Orleans. It refers to sandwiches made for “poor boys” – the striking workers.

What Is Merichka’s Poor Boy Sandwich?

Merichka’s Poor Boy Sandwich is a famous dish from Merichka’s restaurant, located in Crest Hill, Illinois. Known for its unique thinly sliced roast beef and garlic sauce, it’s a sandwich loved by many.

How Is The Poor Boy Sandwich Unique?

The uniqueness of the Poor Boy Sandwich lies in its garlic sauce and thin cut roast beef. Cooking the beef delicately and smothering it in a tangy garlic sauce creates a taste that’s hard to forget.


Embracing the flavors of Merichka’s Poor Boy Sandwich is like taking a delicious journey. With each bite, tradition and taste blend remarkably. Don’t forget to share your own twist on this classic recipe and spread the joy with friends and family.

Happy cooking and even happier eating!

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