La Madeleine Breakfast Menu: Savory Delights Unveiled!

La Madeleine offers a breakfast menu with French-inspired dishes, including pastries, omelets, and quiche. Their menu features both sweet and savory options for various preferences.

For those who delight in the warmth and charm of a French breakfast, La Madeleine Country French Café serves up a delectable morning experience. From flaky croissants to robust, flavor-packed omelets, their breakfast menu transports taste buds to the quaint cafes of Paris.

Fresh ingredients and traditional recipes combine to offer a cozy and indulgent start to the day. La Madeleine’s commitment to quality is evident in every bite, whether you’re indulging in a buttery pain au chocolat or savoring a slice of quiche Lorraine. Visitors can enjoy these delights within a rustic, inviting atmosphere that complements their meal with an authentic French ambiance. Catering to both the sweet tooth and the savory palate, La Madeleine’s breakfast selections encapsulate the essence of French culinary excellence.

Savor The Start: La Madeleine Breakfast Foundations

La Madeleine Breakfast Menu blends the elegance of French cuisine with comforting American flavors. Guests can indulge in a variety of options that honor classic French techniques while embracing the hearty, familiar taste of American breakfast favorites. The offerings include dishes like the Croissant French Toast, which combines the flakiness of a traditional croissant with the sweet kick of syrup-soaked toast.

The menu is crafted with high-quality, fresh ingredients to create that artisan experience. Whether choosing the authentic Quiche Lorraine or taking a twist with the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Croissant, guests are treated to a morning feast that truly caters to all palates. Every bite reflects La Madeleine’s commitment to flavor and tradition, presenting a breakfast menu rich in variety and taste.

La Madeleine Breakfast Menu: Savory Delights Unveiled!

Eggstraordinary Beginnings

Discover the rich flavors of La Madeleine’s Omelette Elegance. Each omelette combines fresh eggs with gourmet ingredients. Chefs fill them with high-quality cheeses, garden-fresh vegetables, and succulent meats. Guests can enjoy a delightful and nutritious breakfast designed to satisfy.

Their Signature Benedicts are a true masterpiece. Perfectly poached eggs rest on a choice of a toasted English muffin or a flaky croissant. They are topped with luxurious hollandaise sauce. Varied toppings include smoked ham, spinach, and sauteed mushrooms. Every bite promises a blend of savory delights for a perfect start to the day.

Bakery Bliss: Croissants And Beyond

La Madeleine offers a delightful range of bakery items. Their croissants are a true highlight, made daily with buttery perfection. Guests can choose from classic plain, chocolate-filled, or almond-topped varieties. Each croissant promises a flaky and rich experience, ideal for both quick breakfasts and leisurely brunches.

Their Handcrafted Viennoiserie selection is an art of pastry. The sweet and savory pastries remind one of a Parisian café. From fruit-filled danishes to savory cheese twists, these pastries pair perfectly with La Madeleine’s signature coffee blends. Whether you favor sweet cinnamon rolls or buttery, savory scones, there’s an option for every taste.

La Madeleine Breakfast Menu: Savory Delights Unveiled!

Hearty Plates For The Hungry Patron

La Madeleine breathes new life into French breakfast favorites. Sample their hearty plates and indulge in a fusion of traditional French cuisine with a modern twist. Classics such as Quiche Lorraine and Crepe Champignon are made to satisfy.

Their grain and potato dishes are a comforting start to any day. Savor Croissant French Toast, or dive into a warm bowl of Oatmeal à la Française. Each dish, seasoned to perfection, acts as a homage to the rich, gratifying flavors of France.

Dish Ingredients
Country French Breakfast Eggs, Potatoes, Bacon or Sausage
Parisien Eggs Benedict Smoked Ham, Poached Eggs, Hollandaise

Light Bites And Wholesome Choices

La Madeleine offers a mouthwatering breakfast menu with options to suit every taste. For those who favor a lighter start to their day, fresh fruit and yogurt are ideal choices. A colorful assortment of seasonal fruits paired with creamy yogurt makes for a refreshing breakfast that’s both satisfying and nutrient-packed.

Beyond fruits and yogurt, one can enjoy nutritious greens every morning. The salad selections are diverse, ranging from spinach and kale mixes to arugula-based bowls. These greens provide essential vitamins and fiber, kicking off the day with an energizing boost. Pairing them with protein, like nuts or cheese, boosts satisfaction until lunch.

Beverages That Stir The Soul

Wake your senses with La Madeleine’s delightful beverages. Each drink is a nod to French tradition. Sip on a steaming cup of French Hot Chocolat, crafted using rich, dark chocolate. It’s a taste of France in every mug. For those who love variety, our menu includes a range of options.

Choose from aromatic coffee blends to kickstart your day. Prefer something cooler? Fresh juices are made with ripe fruits, offering a tart and sweet balance. La Madeleine ensures that every sip you take is brimming with flavor and freshness.

La Madeleine Breakfast Menu: Savory Delights Unveiled!

Frequently Asked Questions On La Madeleine Breakfast Menu

Who Is La Madeleine Owned By?

La Madeleine is currently owned by Le Duff America, the North American subsidiary of Group Le Duff, a French-based restaurant conglomerate.

Is La Madeleine Authentic French Food?

La Madeleine offers a menu inspired by traditional French cuisine with a casual, modern twist. It’s not considered fully authentic due to its adaptation to American tastes.

What’s Included In La Madeleine’s Breakfast Menu?

La Madeleine offers a variety of French-inspired breakfast items. These often include freshly baked pastries, quiches, omelets, and croissants. They also have options for coffee and teas to start your day.

Are There Healthy Options At La Madeleine For Breakfast?

Yes, La Madeleine provides healthy breakfast choices. You can find items like fruit salades, oatmeal, and egg white omelets. Their menu caters to various dietary preferences and needs.


Exploring La Madeleine’s breakfast menu reveals a delightful array of choices. From savory quiches to sweet croissants, every palate finds satisfaction. Perfect for foodies and morning-meal enthusiasts alike, this French-inspired cuisine starts the day right. Next time you’re out, let La Madeleine transform your breakfast experience.

Bon appétit!



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