Ikea Lunch Menu Delights: Savor Affordable Scandinavian Eats!

The IKEA lunch menu offers affordable, home-style meals with a Swedish twist. Popular items include meatballs, salmon plates, and vegetarian options.

IKEA’s restaurant caters to those looking for a convenient and budget-friendly meal option, especially for families shopping in the store or visitors wanting to experience a taste of Sweden. The menu features a variety of dishes that align with IKEA’s Swedish roots, including their iconic Swedish meatballs served with mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam, and cream sauce.

Alongside the traditional dishes, healthier and sustainable choices like vegetable balls and salmon fillet demonstrate IKEA’s commitment to offer diverse and balanced options. With a cozy dining atmosphere and a focus on quick service, IKEA’s lunch menu is an essential part of the IKEA experience, providing shoppers with a chance to refuel and relax.

Ikea Lunch Menu Delights: Savor Affordable Scandinavian Eats!

Ikea’s Food Philosophy

IKEA’s food philosophy marries taste and planet care.

Sustainability shines on their lunch menu.

Local ingredients take center stage, reducing food miles.

Guests relish in Swedish classics while supporting sustainable practices.

Swedish Dish Key Ingredient
Meatballs Responsibly sourced beef
Salmon plate Certified seafood
Veggie balls Plant-based ingredients

Eco-friendly choices await the conscious diner.

IKEA proves delicious meals can promote a healthier planet.

Ikea Lunch Menu Delights: Savor Affordable Scandinavian Eats!

Navigating The Ikea Restaurant

IKEA restaurants offer a unique dining spot amidst Scandinavian furniture. Visitors can relax and enjoy a variety of dishes from the IKEA lunch menu.

The menu is brimming with Swedish classics like meatballs and salmon plates. Each dish is designed to offer a taste of Sweden. For families, kid-friendly options are a staple, ensuring little ones find something delicious to eat.

Swedish Meatballs Kids’ Meatballs
Salmon Fillet with Veggies Vegetarian Pasta
Chicken Wings Fruit Cups

Signature Dishes You Must Try

The Famous Swedish Meatballs are a must-try at Ikea. Juicy, flavorful, and accompanied by creamy mashed potatoes, they define comfort food. Lingonberry jam on the side adds a sweet-tart contrast that tantalizes the taste buds.

Opt for the Salmon with a Nordic Twist to explore the tastes of Scandinavia. The salmon is delicately cooked and served with seasonal vegetables. A touch of dill and lemon provides a refreshing finish to this savory dish.

Plant-based Options For The Health-conscious

The Ikea Lunch Menu offers tasty plant-based dishes for health-focused diners. The Veggie Balls stand out as a flavorful option. Rich in vegetables and spices, they appeal to adults and kids alike. These balls are a blend of chickpeas, green peas, carrots, bell peppers, corn, and kale.

Choosing this meal is a nod to sustainability. No meat means less impact on our planet. Guests seeking a hearty meal without the meat find satisfaction here. It’s a win for personal health and the environment.

  • Healthy and delicious choices
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegan guests
  • Eco-friendly dining

Sweet Treats And Coffee Culture

Cinnamon buns shine as the star in the world of Swedish Fika. Their sweet, spiced scent fills the air, beckoning anyone who passes by. Friends gather, enjoying the warmth of these treats, paired perfectly with a cup of hot coffee. Ikea’s menu offers this traditional snack at a price that brings a smile as sweet as the buns themselves.

For coffee lovers, Ikea presents an irresistible deal. Sip on rich, flavourful coffee and if you crave more, just refill. This offer isn’t just a sip; it’s a ticket to endless delight, all without thinning the wallet. Enjoy each cup; your only limit is your own desire for another.

Seasonal Menus And Festive Specials

Delight your taste buds with Ikea’s Midsummer’s Menu. Savor the Swedish experience with bite-sized Gravadlax on crispbread. Don’t miss out on the summer strawberry cake – a sweet treat for all! The menu features vibrant, fresh flavors that are perfect for family meals.

The Christmas Delicacies have a festive touch with magical dishes. Warm up with the traditional Swedish meatballs and lingonberry jam. Make sure to indulge in the rich, smooth pepperkaka – ginger cookies. They are Santa’s favorite and could be yours too! Each dish is crafted to spread joy and comfort.

Ikea Food Beyond The Restaurant

Bringing IKEA’s kitchen to your home is easy with the Swedish Food Market. Famed for meatballs and lingonberry jam, you can now enjoy these favorites in your own dining room. The market offers a variety of goodies such as salmon fillets, Swedish cheeses, and crispbreads. For a fun family activity, try baking with IKEA’s dough mixes or crafting a smörgåsbord with their cold cuts.

Ikea Lunch Menu Delights: Savor Affordable Scandinavian Eats!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Ikea Lunch Menu

Can You Go To Ikea Just For Food?

Yes, you can visit IKEA just to enjoy the food at their in-store restaurant without the need to shop for furniture or home accessories.

What Food Is Served In The Ikea Restaurant?

Ikea restaurants typically serve Swedish-inspired dishes, including meatballs, salmon plates, and vegan options. Affordable meals and kid-friendly choices such as meatball plates or pasta are available. The menu may vary by location.

Does Ikea Provide Food?

Yes, IKEA stores typically feature a restaurant that serves Swedish-inspired dishes, including their famous meatballs, as well as local cuisine options. They also have a bistro and a Swedish food market.

Does Ikea Do Food Delivery?

Yes, IKEA offers food delivery through external services like DoorDash and Uber Eats, depending on location availability.


Wrapping up, the Ikea lunch menu offers a delightful variety of options to suit various tastes and dietary needs. It’s an affordable way to indulge in Swedish cuisine with the convenience of a quick shopping break. Don’t miss out on their famous meatballs or vegetarian specials next time you visit.

Treat your taste buds at Ikea!


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