Hardee’s Breakfast Hours: Start Your Day with a Bang!

Hardee’s typically serves breakfast from 6:00 AM to 10:30 AM daily. Variances in breakfast hours may exist across locations.

Hardee’s has cemented itself as a go-to destination for early risers seeking a hearty breakfast. Start your day off with a diverse menu that ranges from savory biscuits and burritos to sweet treats and robust coffee. Known for their Made From Scratch Biscuits™, Hardee’s ensures that quality and taste lead the way in their breakfast offerings.

As a fast food favorite, Hardee’s understands the importance of a good breakfast, providing quick, satisfying options to kickstart your morning routine. While most locations adhere to the typical breakfast schedule, it’s always wise to confirm with your local Hardee’s for any variations, ensuring you don’t miss out on their delicious morning fare.

Day Breakfast Hours
Monday 6:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Tuesday 6:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Wednesday 6:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Thursday 6:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Friday 6:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Saturday 6:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Sunday 6:00 AM – 11:00 AM

The Early Bird Gets The Burger

Hardee’s knows how to start your day right. With doors opening early, you’ll never miss the most important meal. Their breakfast menu caters to all, from savory lovers to those with a sweet tooth. You can get your hands on a hearty, filling breakfast no matter the rush.

Their famed breakfast platters and made-from-scratch biscuits draw crowds. Kids and adults both find joy in the wholesome flavors. Choices are ample, ensuring no one walks away hungry.

Remember that timing is key. Catch their breakfast menu during specific morning hours. A quick glance at Hardee’s website or a phone call can save you from missing out.

The Early Bird Gets The Burger

Sizzling Choices To Kick-off The Morning

Hardee’s breakfast hours are the key to a great start. They offer hearty biscuits and savory burritos early in the morning. Their menu features signature platters designed to energize your day.

The choice is yours, from eggs and sausages to pancakes and bacon. These breakfast options cater to all tastes, ensuring a delicious morning experience.

Navigating Hardee’s Breakfast Menu

Hardee’s breakfast menu shines with classic dishes that have a unique twist. Guests have the pleasure to savor the popular Loaded Omelet Biscuit or the satisfying Monster Biscuit. These offerings uniquely combine traditional flavors, sure to start the morning right.

For those counting calories, Hardee’s offers a range of healthy options. The tasty Frisco Breakfast Sandwich can be ordered with turkey bacon, adding a lean protein to your meal. If a lighter fare is desired, the Low Carb Breakfast Bowl packs a protein punch without the carbs.

Item Description Calories
Loaded Omelet Biscuit Eggs, cheese, and meats 450
Monster Biscuit Sausage, bacon, egg, and cheese 700
Frisco Breakfast Sandwich Turkey bacon, egg, and cheese 420
Low Carb Breakfast Bowl Eggs and meats, no bread 350

Beyond The Basics: Unique Breakfast Offerings

Hardee’s shakes up morning routines with limited-time breakfast specials. Delight in new flavors that make each morning unique. Embrace the taste of distinct regional dishes that reflect local cuisine. A rich variety awaits—from the East Coast to the West Coast. Menu favorites change seasonally, ensuring fresh experiences with every visit.

Bite into the southern charm of a Tex-Mex omelet or savor the sweet twist of a Hawaiian pineapple biscuit. Check Hardee’s online or visit your local restaurant to discover what’s cooking. Please note, these specials are there for a short while only! Remember, time is fleeting, and so are these delectable breakfast options.

Caffeine And Sweet Sips

Hardee’s fuels mornings with rich coffee delights. Their coffee culture is steeped in variety, suitable for all tastes. Aromatic java blends from full-bodied classics to specialty flavors energize the day. Customers enjoy pairing their breakfast favorites with these invigorating beverages.

Not just coffee, Hardee’s offers cool milkshakes and refreshing soft drinks. These are perfect with any meal. They complement the savory and the sweet of Hardee’s menu. Chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla milkshakes bring smiles to the breakfast table. Soft drinks provide a fizzy lift to start the morning right.

The Secret Sauce: Why Hardee’s Stands Out

Hardee’s stands out for several reasons. Fresh, high-quality ingredients make their breakfast unique. Eggs, sausages, and biscuits come from top sources.

The restaurant ensures a pleasant customer experience each morning. Friendly staff greet each customer. They serve hot, delicious meals quickly.

  • Stone-ground wheat for biscuits
  • Crisp veggies add flavor and crunch
  • 100% Angus beef in their burgers

Arun’s coffee is rich and smooth. Orange juice is freshly squeezed. The team works hard to start your day right. Every visit feels special at Hardee’s.

When Does The Griddle Heat Up?

Finding the closest Hardee’s is simple. Use Hardee’s online store locator tool. Enter your zip code or city. It shows maps and directions.

The breakfast hours may vary. Most locations start serving at 6 AM. Yet, some might open later, like at 6:30 AM. It’s best to check your local Hardee’s for exact times.

Day Opening Time Closing Time
Monday – Friday 6 AM 10:30 AM
Saturday – Sunday 6 AM 11 AM

Remember, Saturdays and Sundays might have extended hours. So, late risers can enjoy breakfast too! Always confirm with your local Hardee’s. They will give you the most accurate schedule.

Fueling Up And Counting Coins

Finding a hearty breakfast that doesn’t break the bank is easy at Hardee’s. With their array of value meals, customers can enjoy delicious options at very reasonable prices. Whether it’s the classic biscuit ‘n’ gravy or the more substantial breakfast platter, there’s something for everyone’s taste and budget.

Many of their popular breakfast items come paired with sides and a drink in combo deals. This ensures not only a fulfilling meal but also a great deal for the wallet. The prices are varied, designed to help diners get more bang for their buck.

Meal Option Price Range
Biscuit ‘n’ Gravy $2 – $3
Breakfast Platter $4 – $5
Combo Deals $3 – $6

The Digital Dawn: Hardee’s Goes High-tech

Hardee’s breakfast hours just got more exciting with high-tech upgrades. Order your breakfast early using Hardee’s innovative app. It’s a quick way to jumpstart your morning. Earn points for every dollar spent through the loyalty program. Points get you free food and unique digital deals. The app’s convenience is unbeatable.

Not a morning person? No worries! Sleep in and place your order with a few taps. Hardee’s understands your time is valuable. Use the app and skip the line when you pick up your food. Stay updated on exclusive app-only deals. Save money while enjoying delicious breakfast options. Embrace the change as Hardee’s goes high-tech!

Hardee's Goes High-tech

Your Breakfast, Your Way

Start your day with a meal that fits your needs. Hardee’s breakfast offers options for all. Whether you need gluten-free choices or vegetarian dishes, they have it. Enjoy an egg white omelet or savor fresh fruit. They understand a good day begins with a great breakfast. So everyone can choose a meal that’s right for them.

The menu includes items with no added sugar and high-protein selections. This caters to those who watch their intake. Count on Hardee’s to respect your dietary needs and preferences. Their goal is simple: Delicious food that makes you happy. Try their low-carb options for a lighter start. Or bite into a hearty biscuit sandwich for more fuel.

From Sunrise To Late Riser

Hardee’s serves a hearty breakfast for those who rise with the sun and those who snooze a bit longer. If you crave fluffy biscuits or sizzling bacon, no worries! Grab a delicious breakfast up until 10:30 AM on weekdays, extending the joy to late sleepers. Weekends offer even more time with breakfast available until 11:00 AM. Don’t rush your morning because Hardee’s understands a relaxed start can be a delightful treat.

Missed breakfast? No problem! The Late Breakfast Policies cater to varied schedules. This means you still get to enjoy tasty breakfast items, so plan your visit accordingly. Always check local Hardee’s for specific hours, as they may vary.

Hardee's Breakfast Hours: Start Your Day with a Bang!

Frequently Asked Questions On Hardee’s Breakfast Hours

What Time Does Hardee’s Breakfast End Near Me?

Hardee’s typically ends breakfast service at 10:30 am on weekdays and 11:00 am on weekends. Check your local Hardee’s for specific times.

Does Hardee’s Make Biscuits All Day?

Yes, Hardee’s serves freshly baked biscuits throughout the entire day. They are available with various menu items, satisfying breakfast cravings at any time.

Who Owns Hardee’s Now?

Hardee’s is currently owned by CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc. , a company known for operating fast-food brands.

When Did Carl’s Jr And Hardee’s Merge?

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s merged in 1997 after CKE Restaurants acquired Hardee’s from Imasco.


Wrapping up, Hardee’s breakfast menu remains a go-to for early risers. The hours, though limited, ensure freshly prepared options to kick-start your day. Remember, the key is to arrive before the 10:30 AM cutoff. Embark on your morning with Hardee’s and make the most of your breakfast experience!


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