Dragonfly Orlando Happy Hour: Unwind with Style!

Dragonfly Orlando offers Happy Hour specials daily from 5 PM to 7 PM. Enjoy discounted drinks and select menu items in their vibrant, modern setting.

Embark on an exquisite journey at Dragonfly Orlando during Happy Hour, where both drink aficionados and food lovers unite in celebration of irresistible deals. Situated in the heart of Orlando’s Dr. Phillips neighborhood, this stylish izakaya-style restaurant delivers an innovative take on Japanese cuisine.

With its chic ambiance and commitment to quality, Dragonfly invites guests to unwind with a range of handcrafted cocktails, premium sake selections, and tantalizing small plates at prices that delight.

Whether it’s a casual after-work gathering or a pre-dinner affair, Dragonfly’s Happy Hour sets the perfect tone for an evening of sophisticated relaxation and social dining. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in this sublime Happy Hour experience, sure to add a touch of elegance to any Orlando visit.

Dragonfly Orlando: A Happy Hour Haven

Dragonfly Orlando offers an immersive happy hour experience with a unique ambience. The setting is designed to relax and enchant, with a blend of modern and traditional elements.

Signature cocktails and drink specials shine during happy hour. Guests can expect innovative drinks crafted by skilled bartenders. From classic concoctions to creative mixes, there’s something to please everyone.

Patrons will find discounted prices on a range of beverages. These include craft beers, fine wines, and premium spirits. The happy hour savings make trying multiple drinks more accessible.

Happy Hour Time Slots

Dragonfly Orlando brings joy after a long day. Get great deals on drinks and snacks. Unwind from Monday to Friday starting at 5 PM to 7 PM.

Visit on Saturday and Sunday. The fun begins earlier, 3 PM sharp. Lasts till 5 PM. Don’t miss the weekend specials!

Savory Bites On A Budget

Dragonfly Orlando is the place to be for happy hour indulgences. Savvy diners enjoy tantalizing appetizers without straining their wallets. Perfect for those who love to pair a refreshing drink with a delightful bite.

Generous discounts are available on sushi rolls and sharing plates. This makes it easy to try multiple dishes. You’ll find both classic and inventive offerings at unbeatable prices. Create your own feast while enjoying the casual yet chic ambiance.

Dish Happy Hour Price
California Roll $5
Spicy Tuna Roll $6
Edamame $3
Tempura Veggies $4
Dragonfly Orlando Happy Hour: Unwind with Style!

Dragonfly’s Unique Drink Selection

Dragonfly Orlando stands out with its happy hour offerings. Guests enjoy unique drinks at great prices. For beer lovers, a variety of craft beers await. These include local and international brews. Wine enthusiasts can savor fine wines from a well-chosen list.

Innovative cocktails set Dragonfly apart. Each cocktail has a creative twist, exclusive to the restaurant. The mixologists use fresh ingredients. They also use unique methods to create unforgettable flavors. These signature drinks are a must-try during happy hour.

Event Hosting At Dragonfly

Dragonfly Orlando offers a unique twist on corporate happy hour events. Guests can enjoy an atmosphere that blends modern style with Japanese tradition. Chef-driven menus and signature cocktails create an unforgettable experience.

Organizing your happy hour party at Dragonfly ensures a personal touch and attention to detail. The venue accommodates small to large groups, perfect for any company gathering. Celebrate milestones or team success with sophisticated flair.

Dragonfly Orlando Happy Hour: Unwind with Style!

The Perfect Spot For Every Occasion

Dragonfly Orlando is the go-to happy hour haven for unwinding after work. Its vibrant atmosphere invites you to relax with colleagues. Share stories over delicious appetizers and exclusive drinks. Quality time becomes memorable as you laugh and unite with friends.

As Friday night rolls in, the celebration starts at Dragonfly Orlando. Be ready to kick off the weekend in style. Enjoy unique cocktails and tantalizing bites. This place offers the ideal backdrop for your weekend toast. Cheers to good company in a lively setting!

Rewards And Membership Perks

Dragonfly Orlando Happy Hour invites guests to enjoy more with each visit. Earn points every time you step in. These points lead to amazing rewards over time. Delight in scrumptious dishes and sip on crafted cocktails while your points grow.

Becoming a member unlocks access to exclusive perks. These range from special discounts to members-only events. The joy of dining out gets even better. Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with unique offers. Be the first to try new menus. Cherish each meal and make every moment count. Your loyalty brings countless happy hours and surprises.

Getting The Best Out Of Dragonfly Happy Hour

Dragonfly Orlando Happy Hour draws both newcomers and regulars alike. For first-timers, aim to arrive early. Early birds catch the best seats and specials. Bring friends to share diverse dishes. Try to taste different small plates and sushi rolls.

Seasoned guests know the ins and outs of this experience. They recommend pairing signature drinks with specific appetizers. Use the Dragonfly’s app to stay updated on exclusive deals. Some patrons suggest subscribing to the newsletter for special event alerts.

Do Don’t
Arrive early Wait until peak hours
Use Dragonfly’s app Ignore special deal alerts
Subscribe to newsletter Miss out on events
Dragonfly Orlando Happy Hour: Unwind with Style!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Dragonfly Orlando Happy Hour

When Is Dragonfly Orlando’s Happy Hour?

Dragonfly Orlando offers Happy Hour deals from Monday to Thursday. It starts at 5 PM and ends at 7 PM. Specials include discounts on various appetizers, sushi, and drinks.

What Specials Does Dragonfly Happy Hour Include?

During Happy Hour, guests can enjoy discounted prices on select appetizers and sushi rolls. Additionally, reduced prices for cocktails, sake, and wine are available to create a perfect pairing.

Can You Reserve Seating For Happy Hour At Dragonfly Orlando?

Reservations for Happy Hour at Dragonfly Orlando are possible. It’s advisable to book in advance due to limited seating. Reservations ensure you get to enjoy the specials without waiting.

Is There A Dress Code For Dragonfly Orlando’s Happy Hour?

Dragonfly Orlando encourages smart casual attire for their Happy Hour. While not strictly enforced, guests are recommended to dress appropriately to match the restaurant’s trendy atmosphere.


Wrapping up our culinary escapade, Dragonfly Orlando stands out. Savor the buzz of their Happy Hour specials without spending a fortune. It’s the go-to for palate-pleasing sushi and cocktails after work. Celebrate life’s moments with friends here; your taste buds will thank you.

Don’t miss out – indulge at Dragonfly today!


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