Does Del Taco Have Breakfast

Does Del Taco Have Breakfast? Unveil Morning Options!

Del Taco does offer breakfast options on its menu. You can enjoy various breakfast items starting from the early morning hours.

Del Taco’s breakfast menu caters to a variety of tastes with a selection that includes both traditional and Mexican-inspired items. From burritos filled with eggs, cheese, and meats like bacon or chorizo to their signature breakfast tacos, there’s a dish to start everyone’s day off right.

The menu’s flexibility is a big draw for customers looking for a quick and satisfying meal to kickstart their morning routine. With Del Taco’s commitment to quality and convenience, their breakfast offerings have become a go-to option for many seeking flavorful, affordable morning eats. Whether you’re in a rush or have time to savor your meal, Del Taco’s breakfast might just be the perfect choice to satisfy those early cravings.

Del Taco’s Morning Menu

Del Taco’s Morning Menu offers a variety of signature breakfast items to kickstart your day. Delight in the Early Bird Specials, a selection tailored for morning cravings. Guests can savor favorites like the Egg and Cheese Breakfast Taco or indulge in the Breakfast Burrito, packed with crispy bacon, fresh eggs, and cheese. For those with a sweet tooth, the Cinnamon Churros provide a perfect morning treat.

Each item on the menu is designed to deliver a burst of flavor and energy. Enjoy the simplicity of a Mini Bacon Quesadilla or the hearty Huevos Rancheros Epic Burrito. The morning offerings at Del Taco ensure a satisfying start to any day.

Does Del Taco Have Breakfast? Unveil Morning Options!

Breakfast Hours

Del Taco serves breakfast at most locations. Guests can enjoy morning meals starting as early as 5 AM. Not all locations follow this schedule, so it’s best to check with your local restaurant.

Breakfast lovers rejoice, Del Taco offers breakfast items all day at select locations. This means you can satisfy your breakfast cravings at any time. Always confirm with your nearest Del Taco to ensure all-day availability.

Menu Highlights

Del Taco serves up an enticing breakfast menu that satisfies morning cravings. Guests can indulge in the Epic Scrambler Burritos, which are a hearty option for starting the day. These burritos come packed with fluffy eggs, crispy hash brown sticks, and a blend of freshly grated cheddar cheese, making them a true breakfast delight. Choose from a variety of proteins like bacon, chorizo, or carne asada to add that extra punch.

For those who prefer a lighter bite, the Breakfast Tacos offer a range of flavors. Each taco is crafted with fresh ingredients and the perfect balance of spices and seasonings. Whether you opt for the egg and cheese taco or the bacon & egg taco, each is sure to kickstart your day with a burst of flavor.

Health-conscious Choices

Many people enjoy Del Taco’s breakfast for its healthy options. They offer low-calorie choices that are perfect for those monitoring their intake. Options like the Egg and Cheese Breakfast Taco are under 300 calories.

The menu also includes vegetarian-friendly meals. The Hashbrown Sticks and Fresh Avocado Breakfast Burrito are popular among vegetarians. These meals are both nourishing and satisfying.

Breakfast Beverages

Del Taco offers a variety of breakfast beverages to complement their morning menu. Guests can enjoy steaming hot coffee to kickstart their day, with options for both black coffee and those who prefer it with cream and sugar. The coffee selection aims to cater to all tastes, ensuring a perfect match for any breakfast choice.

Their fresh juice assortment adds a refreshing touch to breakfast, with choices like orange juice and apple juice. These beverages are not only flavorful but also provide a nutritious start to the day. Each juice option is made with quality ingredients, offering a natural and delicious way to hydrate first thing in the morning.

Sides And Extras

Del Taco offers a variety of breakfast options to kickstart your day. Their Hashbrown Sticks are a fan favorite. These crispy bites are perfect for dipping and add a satisfying crunch to any meal. Not to be outdone, the Churro Dips steal the show with their sweet, cinnamon flavor. They are a delightful treat that pairs well with both coffee and hot chocolate.

Side Item Description
Hashbrown Sticks Crisp, golden, and ideal for on-the-go dipping.
Churro Dips Sweet, cinnamon treats, perfect with warm beverages.

Kids’ Breakfast Menu

Del Taco offers a kids’ breakfast menu with tasty options. Each meal is sized right for children. This ensures they enjoy their meal without feeling too full. The menu includes items like mini pancakes and egg & cheese burritos.

All items on the kids’ breakfast menu come with nutritional information. Parents can easily check the calories, fats, and sugars. This helps in making informed choices for a healthy breakfast. Del Taco focuses on providing balanced meals to start the day right.

Seasonal And Limited-time Offers

Del Taco often spices up their menu with holiday specials. These limited-time offerings bring excitement and variety to the table. Guests can look forward to unique twists on classic favorites, tailored to festive seasons. The new item teasers are especially thrilling, as they hint at what’s next. Expect flavorful surprises that keep you coming back for more.

Comparing Competitors

Del Taco stands out with its breakfast menu. Compared to other fast food joints, their offerings are unique. Tacos and burritos filled with eggs and breakfast meats make their menu distinctive.

McDonald’s, known for the Egg McMuffin, lacks the Mexican-inspired breakfast. Taco Bell offers similar items but Del Taco’s all-day breakfast is a game-changer. Guests enjoy breakfast favorites at any hour.

Del Taco’s Breakfast Rollers are a hit for those on-the-go. They are easy to eat with one hand. Hashbrown Sticks provide a crunchy side that’s different from the usual hash browns.

Their Breakfast Toasted Wrap combines convenience with flavor. It’s a popular choice for a quick and satisfying meal. In contrast, other chains may offer wraps, but Del Taco’s version has a loyal following.

Customer Reviews

Many customers praise the variety and taste of Del Taco’s breakfast offerings. With a wide selection of items, there’s something for everyone.

The Breakfast Burrito is a top choice among patrons. It’s filled with fresh ingredients and satisfies morning hunger. The Egg and Cheese Breakfast Taco also receives high marks for its flavor and convenience.

Online reviews often highlight the affordability of the breakfast menu. The value for money is a big draw for families and individuals alike. Ratings consistently reflect customer satisfaction with the breakfast options at Del Taco.

Nutrition And Allergens

Del Taco offers a variety of breakfast options, each with distinct nutritional profiles. Calories in their breakfast items can vary significantly. For example, their Egg and Cheese Burrito is a lighter choice, while the Huevos Rancheros Epic Burrito packs more energy.

Guests with food sensitivities should be cautious. Allergen information is critical for safe dining. Del Taco provides allergen charts for their menu. These charts help identify items with common allergens like dairy, nuts, wheat, and eggs. It’s vital to consult these resources or ask staff when ordering.

Ordering And Delivery Options

Del Taco makes ordering breakfast a breeze through its mobile app. Guests can easily select from the full breakfast menu and customize orders to their liking. Convenient pickup options ensure a quick and seamless experience.

Partner delivery services such as DoorDash, UberEats, and Grubhub offer another way to enjoy Del Taco breakfast items. Users can find exclusive deals and fast delivery options. This provides added convenience for those who prefer breakfast delivered right to their door.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Breakfast Burrito From Del Taco?

A Del Taco breakfast burrito combines eggs, cheese, and your choice of bacon or sausage, wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

What Is The Healthiest Thing At Del Taco?

One of the healthiest options at Del Taco is the Fresca Bowl with chicken. It’s packed with fresh ingredients like grilled chicken, rice, and vegetables, offering a balanced meal.

Is Taco Bell Better Than Del Taco?

Taco Bell and Del Taco both offer unique flavors and menu options. Preference varies by individual taste and desired dining experience. Comparing the two directly is subjective and depends on personal likes.

What Kind Of Oil Does Del Taco Use?

Del Taco uses soybean oil for frying and cooking their menu items. This oil is chosen for its neutral flavor and high smoke point.


Del Taco indeed offers a breakfast menu that caters to a variety of tastes. Whether you’re craving a quick burrito or a full platter, their options are both affordable and satisfying. Next time you need an early morning bite, consider giving Del Taco a try for a tasty start to your day.


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