Del Taco Breakfast Prices: Savor & Save on Morning Bites!

Del Taco breakfast menu prices typically range from $1 to $5. The cost varies depending on the item and location.

Del Taco stands out as a popular choice for those seeking savory and affordable breakfast options. The chain takes pride in offering a variety of Mexican-inspired breakfast dishes that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Early risers can enjoy everything from breakfast tacos and burritos to traditional American choices like egg and cheese sandwiches.

With Del Taco’s breakfast availability extending into the early afternoon, convenience is a key aspect of their service. Patrons appreciate the flexibility of grabbing a hearty breakfast, even after the typical morning rush. The value menu provides additional budget-friendly choices, ensuring that Del Taco’s offerings are accessible to all customers looking for a quick, tasty start to their day.

Rise And Dine At Del Taco

Del Taco’s breakfast menu offers a variety of delicious options. Everyone can find something yummy to start their day. Egg and cheese burritos pair perfectly with crispy hash brown sticks. Freshest ingredients make each bite delightful. You can munch on a budget!

Bite into flavor-packed breakfast tacos or enjoy a hearty breakfast roller. Warm tortillas hug fresh toppings and tasty fillings. Taste buds wake up with Del Taco’s signature zing. Smiles spread with every flavorful forkful.

Del Taco ensures affordable morning feasts. Great taste meets great value on their breakfast menu. Check the table below for the latest Del Taco breakfast prices.

Item Size Price
Egg & Cheese Burrito Regular $2.49
Hash Brown Sticks 5 Pc. $1.00
Breakfast Taco N/A $1.00
Breakfast Roller Regular $1.00
Del Taco Breakfast Prices: Savor & Save on Morning Bites!


Breaking Down The Breakfast Menu

Del Taco’s breakfast menu shines with its classic morning options. Guests can enjoy traditional favorites such as eggs and bacon. Each dish promises a delicious start to any day. The menu includes tasty burritos and crisp hash brown sticks.

For a creative twist, the menu features items like the Epic Scrambler Burrito, mingling savory meats with freshly-grated cheddar cheese. The Breakfast Toasted Wrap cleverly combines classic ingredients in a portable form. These options bring a unique flair to the morning meal.

Epic Burritos To Egg-citing Tacos

Del Taco elevates breakfast with its Epic Burrito line. Savory tastes meet morning hunger, offering a perfect start to your day. Dive into the Egg & Cheese Epic Burrito, stuffed with freshly scrambled eggs, melty cheddar cheese, and crispy hash brown sticks. Craving more? Try the Chorizo Epic Burrito, bursting with spicy chorizo, fluffy eggs, and warm tortilla goodness.

Egg and Cheese Taco Treats bring joy to taco lovers. Warm tortillas cradle fluffy scrambled eggs and a generous sprinkle of cheese. Each bite delivers a comforting, cheesy delight that’s hard to resist.

Del Taco ensures every breakfast bite is an adventure. Their menu prices promise value without skimping on flavor or portion. Check out the table below for a quick look at the pocket-friendly breakfast options!

Breakfast Item Price
Egg & Cheese Epic Burrito $4.99
Chorizo Epic Burrito $5.49
Egg & Cheese Breakfast Taco $1.00
Chorizo Breakfast Taco $1.49
Del Taco Breakfast Prices: Savor & Save on Morning Bites!


Healthy Morning Alternatives

Del Taco offers delicious low-calorie breakfasts. They ensure a balanced meal to start your day. Many options are available for health-focused eaters. For example, try their Fresco Bowls if you like your morning meals packed with flavor but not calories.

Their egg and cheese wrap is light. It has fluffy eggs wrapped in a warm tortilla. This choice keeps you full without guilt. Del Taco includes fresh ingredients. These keep you energized throughout the morning.

Item Calories Price
Egg & Cheese Wrap 330 $1.89
Fresco Bowl 540 $2.49
  • Choose egg whites for an extra health boost.
  • Top your morning with fresh fruit sides.
  • Fiber-rich options are always smart.

Crunching The Numbers: Price Points

Del Taco breakfast offerings are a go-to for budget-friendly morning eats. Their prices stand out in a crowded fast-food breakfast landscape. With Del Taco, you get tasty meals that don’t break the bank. Their breakfast burritos and tacos provide a hearty start to the day for less money.

Comparisons show that Del Taco often edges out big-name competitors on cost. A dollar here stretches further, serving up flavor and savings. This makes Del Taco an economic choice for many families and individuals.

Meal Option Del Taco Price Competitor Price
Breakfast Burrito $1.89 $2.49
Egg & Cheese Taco $1.00 $1.29

Morning Combos Worth Waking Up For

Del Taco breakfast prices are a morning highlight. Delicious combos offer value for money. Enjoy eggs, bacon, and more at low costs.

Start your day with tasty savings. Choose from a variety of breakfast options. Each combo pairs favorites with budget-friendly tags. Excite your taste buds without breaking the bank.

Combo Includes Price
Egg and Cheese Burrito Hash Browns, Coffee $3.49
Bacon Breakfast Taco Hash Browns, Coffee $2.99
Breakfast Roller Fresh Orange Juice $2.69

Grab a hearty meal with coffee or juice. Smiles come with every sip and bite. Make mornings brighter with these satisfying combos.

Savvy Savings With Del Taco Specials

Love tasty breakfast without spending much? Del Taco offers coupons and discounts that can save your wallet. Grab a coupon and enjoy a discounted breakfast burrito or taco. Keep an eye out for special deals in emails or on the Del Taco app. Sometimes, breakfast gets even cheaper on national holidays or Del Taco’s anniversary. Remember, deals change often, so don’t miss out!

Limited-time offers come and go. It’s smart to check often. You could find great deals like two for one breakfast tacos or discounted breakfast combos. Some offers only happen in the morning. Join the Raving Fan eClub for exclusive deals. They might send birthday surprises too!

Convenient Ordering For Busy Mornings

Del Taco makes mornings less hectic with easy mobile app and online ordering. With just a few taps, you can pick your breakfast favorites. The app saves your past orders. This means you can reorder quickly. No wasted time deciding what to eat!

Prefer not to leave the car? The drive-thru option has you covered. It is fast and convenient. You can grab a steamy breakfast burrito on the go. Delivery service is perfect when you can’t step out. Get Del Taco breakfast brought right to your doorstep. Enjoy warm meals without any hassle.

Feedback And Fandom: Patrons’ Breakfast Reviews

Del Taco Breakfast has a loyal following. Fans rave about the affordability and taste. One fan expresses joy over their Epic Scrambler Burrito, calling it a morning delight. Another praises the Mini Bacon Quesadilla. People say it starts the day right.

On social media, hashtags like #DelTacoBreakfast trend during morning hours. Photos of the Huevos Rancheros Epic Burrito flood Instagram. Tweets about 24/7 breakfast get loads of likes. Fans cheer for the consistent quality across locations.

Del Taco Breakfast Prices: Savor & Save on Morning Bites!


Frequently Asked Questions For Del Taco Breakfast Prices

What Items Are On Del Taco’s Breakfast Menu?

Del Taco’s breakfast menu features a range of items including their Breakfast Tacos, Breakfast Burritos, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Rollers, and the Epic Scrambler Burritos. They also offer Hashbrown Sticks and Coffee to complement your meal.

How Much Does A Del Taco Breakfast Burrito Cost?

Prices for Del Taco breakfast burritos vary by location but generally range from $1 to $4. They offer a variety of burritos, with options to cater to different tastes and budget considerations.

Are There Any Del Taco Breakfast Deals Or Combos?

Yes, Del Taco often has breakfast deals and combos which may include a breakfast item paired with a drink or sides. These deals provide added value and savings. Be sure to check their current offers.

What Time Does Del Taco Serve Breakfast Until?

Del Taco typically serves breakfast until 11:00 AM. However, some locations may extend breakfast hours, especially on weekends. It’s best to check with your local Del Taco for exact times.


Wrapping up, Del Taco’s breakfast offerings blend value and flavor, striking a balance many early risers appreciate. Their menu prices cater to budget-conscious foodies craving quality morning bites. Remember, whether it’s a quick burrito or full platter, Del Taco starts your day right without denting your wallet.

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