Bojangles Breakfast Menu Revealed: Ultimate Morning Feast!

Bojangles’ Breakfast Menu offers southern-inspired options such as biscuit sandwiches and Bo-Berry Biscuits. Favorites include the Cajun Filet Biscuit and seasoned Bo-Tato Rounds.

Bojangles’ establishes itself as a go-to for hearty, flavorful breakfast fares that capture the essence of Southern cuisine. Their morning offerings start bright and early and cater to a variety of tastes, with freshly-made biscuits taking center stage. Each item on the menu promises down-home comfort, from savory sausage and egg sandwiches to sweet, indulgent pastries.

Whether grabbing a quick bite on the way to work or enjoying a leisurely start to the day, Bojangles’ aims to satisfy with quality ingredients and signature seasonings. The variety of breakfast platters and combos further ensures that every customer can find something to kickstart their morning with a Southern twist.

Rise And Shine With Bojangles’ Breakfast

Mornings just got tastier! Bojangles’ classic Southern breakfast invites you to a feast of warm biscuits and flavorful fixings. Embrace the charm of Southern cuisine right as your day begins.

Starting the Day the Southern Way

Starting The Day The Southern Way

Begin with a freshly-baked biscuit sandwich, adorned with crispy, juicy fried chicken, or savor the taste of savory sausage. Pair it with Bojangles’ famous Bo-Tato Rounds for a hearty start.

Bojangles’ Breakfast Menu: A Mouthwatering Preview

Bojangles’ Breakfast Menu: A Mouthwatering Preview

Bojangles’ breakfast menu spans a variety of options that promise delight with every bite. Here’s a glimpse:

  • Bojangles’ Cajun Chicken Biscuit – A spicy kick to jumpstart your morning
  • Country Ham and Egg Biscuit – Classic flavors in a fulfilling sandwich
  • Bo-Berry Biscuits – A sweet treat with bursts of berry and icing
  • Sausage and Egg Biscuit – A savory, protein-packed choice

Complement your meal with Bojangles’ signature side items and drinks:

Side Item Description
Bo-Tato Rounds Seasoned, crispy potato bites
Grits Smooth, buttery Southern-style grits

And don’t forget their range of biscuit options:

  1. Gravy Biscuit
  2. Steak Biscuit
  3. Plain Biscuit

Signature Biscuit Sandwiches Unwrapped

Bojangles’ is a haven for breakfast lovers. One bite into their biscuit sandwiches and you’re hooked. Their menu boasts a flaky, buttery biscuit foundation. It holds together an array of savory, sweet, and spicy flavors. Get ready to sink your teeth into their signature offerings. Each biscuit sandwich is a masterpiece of taste and texture. Let’s dive into the details of two fan favorites.

Cajun Filet Biscuit: A Spicy Wakeup Call

The Cajun Filet Biscuit puts a twist on the morning routine. Embrace the Southern heat with every bite. This sandwich stars a juicy piece of Cajun-spiced chicken. It’s nestled between the golden layers of a handmade biscuit. Perfect for those who crave a zesty start to their day, it’s a meal that packs a punch. Pair it with Bojangles’ iconic iced tea for a complete breakfast experience.

Sausage And Egg Biscuit: The Classic Combo

The Sausage and Egg Biscuit combines familiar breakfast favorites. A fluffy egg and a seasoned sausage patty come together beautifully. They create a harmonious blend of flavors in this comfort food classic. Perfect for those seeking a hearty and fulfilling option. It goes great with a side of Bojangles’ famous seasoned fries. Start your day with this delicious duo. You’re sure to have a morning as satisfying as the meal itself.

Bo-tato Rounds: The Perfect Morning Side

Imagine the perfect start to a morning with the iconic Bojangles Breakfast Menu. Right at the heart of their delicious offerings, you’ll find the Bo-Tato Rounds: The Perfect Morning Side. These bite-sized treats are not just any ordinary hash browns; they’re a mouthwatering blend of crispy texture and savory seasoning that turns breakfast into a memorable meal.

Crispy, Seasoned Perfection

Bo-Tato Rounds are a taste sensation. They boast a golden-brown crust that crunches delightfully with every bite. Inside, the soft, fluffy potato offers a comforting contrast. Each round is seasoned with a blend of spices that creates a bold flavor profile, making them utterly irresistible. It’s no wonder these rounds have become a go-to side for breakfast lovers.

Versatile Companions To Any Meal

Whether pairing them with a biscuit or a full combo, Bo-Tato Rounds fit seamlessly into any breakfast order. Their versatility makes them a star player on the Bojangles menu. Here’s a glimpse at how they complement different meals:

  • With a Chicken Biscuit: The spiciness of the chicken finds a comforting counterpart in the Rounds.
  • Beside an Egg and Cheese Biscuit: Adds a satisfying crunch to a classic, cheesy indulgence.
  • Alongside a Bo-Berry Biscuit: They offer a savory balance to the sweet, fruity flavors.

Bo-Tato Rounds shine brighter when enjoyed with Bojangles’ legendary iced tea. This combo elevates any breakfast occasion, guaranteeing a great start to the day.

Bojangles Breakfast Menu Revealed: Ultimate Morning Feast!

Bojangles’ Bowls: Comfort In A Cup

Bojangles’ Bowls: Comfort in a Cup – when craving hits, nothing satisfies like a warm, savory bowl from Bojangles’. These bowls blend homestyle flavors and southern comfort, promising to start your day with a hearty smile. Dive into the delectable options that Bojangles’ boasts in their breakfast menu.

Chicken Rice Bowl: A Hearty Option

Imagine tender, juicy chicken paired with seasoned rice. The Chicken Rice Bowl offers just that, a perfect balance of protein and carbs to fuel your day. It’s not just food; it’s a hug in a cup. Let’s delve into the ingredients that make this dish a fan favorite:

  • Cajun Chicken – Spicy, full of flavor
  • Savory Rice – Cooked to fluffy perfection
  • Cheese Blend – Melty, mouthwatering goodness

Grits Bowl: A Southern Staple

The Grits Bowl is where tradition meets taste buds. This classic southern dish is smooth, buttery, and simply comforting. It’s a warm welcome to any morning. Here’s what’s inside:

Ingredient Description
Creamy Grits Stone-ground, hearty texture
Butter Pat Rich and melting
Shredded Cheese Sharp, cheesy excellence

Sweet Treats And Finishing Touches

Bojangles’ breakfast menu offers more than just savory delights. For those with a sweet tooth, their heavenly biscuits transform the morning meal into a decadent experience. Signature sweet treats balance the robust flavors of their traditional breakfast items.

Bo-berry Biscuits: A Sweet Indulgence

The Bo-Berry Biscuit is a staple for anyone craving a sweet twist to their breakfast. Each biscuit features juicy blueberries baked to perfection, delivering a burst of fruitiness with every bite. A unique icing drizzle adds just the right touch of sweetness, making it irresistible.

  • Blueberries in every bite
  • Sweet vanilla icing
  • Perfect for dessert or a treat

Cinnamon Biscuits: Spicing Up The Morning

For a warm, comforting start, the Cinnamon Biscuit hits the spot. A buttery biscuit meets a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, melding into a delightful combination that’s both crunchy and soft. It’s like a hug for your taste buds on chilly mornings.

  • Cinnamon sugar coating
  • Soft, warm biscuit
  • Great with coffee
Bojangles Breakfast Menu Revealed: Ultimate Morning Feast!

Beverages To Brighten Your Morning

Wake up to a burst of flavor with Bojangles’ breakfast beverages. A perfect sip can turn any morning around. Whether you crave something sweet, robust, or refreshing, Bojangles has a drink to jumpstart your day. Delight your taste buds and fuel your morning routine with our delectable drink selection.

Legendary Iced Tea: A Refreshing Kick

Bojangles’ Famous Iced Tea is a Southern staple. This classic drink is freshly brewed daily. It offers a smooth, revitalizing taste that pairs perfectly with any breakfast item. Choose from sweet or unsweet for a custom kick that suits your palate. Served over ice, it’s the ultimate morning refresher.

Freshly Brewed Coffee Choices

Are you a coffee lover? Bojangles’ understands your morning needs. Our coffee options include rich, aromatic blends. Savor a classic cup or indulge in a bold, dark roast. With Bojangles’, you start your day on the right note. Each cup is brewed fresh, ensuring quality and flavor in every sip.

Coffee Type Description Size Options
Classic Blend Smooth, balanced flavor Small, Medium, Large
Dark Roast Rich, bold taste Small, Medium, Large
  • Customizations: Add cream, sugar, or both
  • Eco-Friendly: Bring your mug for a discount

You’ll find the beverage that makes your morning shine at Bojangles’. Refresh with iced tea or warm up with a coffee. Every option is crafted to satisfy and energize.


Bojangles Breakfast Menu Revealed: Ultimate Morning Feast!

Frequently Asked Questions On Bojangles Breakfast Menu

What Is An Egg Platter From Bojangles?

An egg platter from Bojangles consists of made-from-scratch biscuits, savory eggs, choice of breakfast meat, and Bo-Tato Rounds®. It’s a hearty, traditional breakfast option.

Does Bojangles Serve Mac And Cheese In The Morning?

Yes, Bojangles serves mac and cheese during their breakfast hours. This savory side complements their morning menu items.

Is Austin Getting A Bojangles?

As of my last update in 2023, there are no confirmed reports about Bojangles opening a location in Austin.

When Did Bojangles Open?

Bojangles first opened its doors on July 6, 1977, in Charlotte, North Carolina. The fast-food chain is famous for its Cajun-seasoned fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits.


Wrapping up, Bojangles’ breakfast menu truly captures the essence of Southern comfort. With its wide variety, from savory to sweet, there’s something for every appetite. Remember, those flaky biscuits and seasoned options await your next morning craving. So, why not start your day the Bojangles’ way?


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