Black Angus Happy Hour Specials: Savor & Save!

Black Angus Steakhouse offers Happy Hour specials weekdays from 3 pm to 7 pm. Discounts include drinks and bar bites at select locations.

Black Angus Steakhouse, renowned for its juicy steaks and hearty American cuisine, entices customers with its exclusive Happy Hour deals. Patrons can unwind after a long day with specially priced appetizers, a range of craft beers, classic cocktails, and wines.

Whether you’re hanging out with friends or looking to enjoy a casual dining experience, the Black Angus Happy Hour promises a blend of good food, great prices, and a friendly atmosphere. Be sure to check out the local Black Angus for specific offerings and enjoy the conviviality and savings that come with their much-anticipated Happy Hour.

Black Angus Happy Hour Specials: Savor & Save!


Black Angus Heritage

The heritage of Black Angus stakes its claim in rich history. Bold flavors, prime cuts, and sizzling plates have marked its rise. Established in 1964, this steakhouse swiftly became a fixture in steak lovers’ hearts. It’s renowned for its commitment to quality and ambiance.

Menu evolution showcases adaptability and desire to satisfy changing tastes. Always featuring USDA Choice steaks, Black Angus now also caters to modern palates. Healthful sides and innovative dishes sit alongside traditional fares. Patrons savor timeless classics and explore new creations all under one roof.

Happy Hour: A Modern Tradition

The term Happy Hour often brings thrills of excitement and joy to many. Bars and restaurants promote discounted prices to lure in customers during these special hours. The idea is not just about cheaper drinks and food. It’s also about offering a place to unwind after a long day.

People look forward to these hours as they can socialize and relax without denting their wallets. Businesses use this time to boost slow periods and increase their patronage. With friends or colleagues, the evening becomes more than just a meal; it’s an experience.

  • Socializing with friends becomes budget-friendly.
  • It helps patrons relieve stress from their workday.
  • Restaurants generate more traffic during off-peak times.

Savor The Savings

Enjoy Black Angus Happy Hour without breaking the bank. Relish discounted drinks and appetizers. Tasty food meets great prices.

Item Happy Hour Price
Brews $2 Off
Wine $4 Glasses
Cocktails $5 Specials
Appetizers Half Price

Menu Highlights

Signature Black Angus Bites are a fan favorite. Bold flavors in every bite. Think juicy steakhouse meatballs and crispy flatbreads. Don’t forget the loaded potato skins, overflowing with melted cheese and bacon.

Cocktails and Brews to Pair offer the perfect sipping experience. Try the zesty margaritas or a classic, cold draft beer. Unique specialty cocktails are available, crafted for your enjoyment.

Planning Your Visit

Visiting Black Angus during Happy Hour? Ensure you have the time right. Happy Hour specials usually run on weekdays. This is the best time for deals on drinks and appetizers. Aim to arrive early to grab a good seat. Early birds catch the best spots and full enjoyment.

  • Check the schedule online before you go.
  • Sign up for alerts for special Happy Hour times.
  • Join their loyalty program for extra perks.
  • Bring friends to share the fun and split the cost.

Remember, seats fill up fast. Being on time means more fun with great food and drinks. Don’t miss out!

Black Angus Happy Hour Specials: Savor & Save!


Black Angus Loyalty Program

Joining the Black Angus Loyalty Program is a smart move for steak lovers. Earn points on every purchase at Black Angus. Points lead to mouth-watering rewards quickly. Not just tasty steaks, but also appetizers and desserts. Members receive special birthday treats, too.

Let’s not forget the exclusive member perks. Enjoy early access to new dishes. Special discounts wait for you during various promotions. Members-only invites for tasting events come to your inbox. Loyalty definitely has its benefits at Black Angus. Think of it as an elite club for beef aficionados.

Black Angus Happy Hour Specials: Savor & Save!


Frequently Asked Questions On Black Angus Happy Hour

Does Black Angus Sing Happy Birthday?

Yes, Black Angus Steakhouse staff may sing “Happy Birthday” to celebrate guests’ special occasions. Contact your local restaurant for specific celebration services.

What Is The Difference Between Angus And Black Angus?

Angus cattle are a breed of beef cattle, while Black Angus specifically refer to Angus cattle with a solid black coat. Black Angus is renowned for its meat quality and is often preferred in beef production.

Who Owns Black Angus Steakhouse?

Versa Capital Management, a private equity firm, currently owns Black Angus Steakhouse. The acquisition took place in 2009.

How To Cook Black Angus?

Preheat your grill or pan to medium-high heat. Season the Angus steak with salt and pepper. Grill for 3-5 minutes on each side for medium-rare. Let rest for a few minutes before slicing. Serve immediately for the best flavor.


Discover the ultimate unwind with Black Angus Happy Hour specials! Savor delicious menu choices at unbeatable prices. Gather friends, kick back, and indulge in quality eats that won’t break the bank. Don’t miss this perfect blend of flavor and value; it’s happy hour done right.

Cheers to good times ahead!

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